John’s music roots come from his family’s interest and following of Country Music, some of his earliest memories are of the music played by his family and his Mum going to concerts by the likes of Buck Owens, or of his Uncle Jackie who played and sang in a popular Country Group called the ‘Bar Four’ in Ireland.

He is truly ‘Country’ through and through and never a pretender to the genre. As the song goes, he was Country when Country wasn’t cool, and he still is! – Country isn’t what I sing it’s what I am.

John has been involved in the New Zealand Country Music scene for a long time – since the early 80’s. As well as entertaining, John has also judged many Country Music Awards all over New Zealand, including, the ‘NZ Entertainer of the Year’ 10 + times.

During the 90’s John and some friends started and ran an FM Country Music Radio Station in Palmerston North – this proved popular and was a great experience. He is still involved in FM Radio – He runs New Zealand Country Music Radio (NZCMR) 24/7 across the world on the Internet.

John has been instrumental in starting and running/managing and supporting many Country Music clubs over the years. He has always had a ‘hands on’ approach and developed a philosophy of involving ‘everyone’ and created a friendly and supportive environment. He has also organised and run various concerts, general events, charity events and Festivals. He is still highly involved in the Country music Scene.

John has influences from and enjoys a wide range of artists from the early pioneers to modern day artists. His preference is for a laid back, easy listening style. He is also interested in Irish Country music, mainly owing to the fact that he originally comes from Northern Ireland.

A friendly person, with a great sense of humour, you will enjoy his company and his entertainment! For booking as guest artist send an email or call 027 2903 103

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